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Timely service maintenance of milking equipment - guarantee the efficiency of livestock.  As practice shows us, temporary stops of machines in the livestock can violate the whole mode of industrial line, which affects physiological functions of animals, violation of which, can lead to lower productivity. That is why one of the most important tasks is permanent support of milking equipment in working condition. Milking of animals – is very complicated functioning process of system “operator – machine-animal”. Machine element of the system must correspond to all physiological animal needs and provide a complete stimulation of milk reflex; qualitative milking of cows with some periodicity; securing of animal breasts from harmful machine influence; getting high quality milk. It is possible on condition of permanent maintenance of milking equipment for keeping it in working condition, at which the readiness factor should be no less than 0.98, and the sanitary condition of equipment should meet the necessary standards. This can be achieved through proper and timely execution of complex works on maintenance and repair of milking installations. Maintenance operations should be carried out according to all methodological regulations of milking equipment exploit, which contain all the necessary demands to the execution of particular kind of work on some milking machines. The frequency of equipment inspection is also stated. All daily and periodical inspections of milking equipment are aimed at execution of the following functions: ensuring of permanent vacuum mode; detection and replacement of damaged details timely; ensuring of sanitary cleanliness of equipment; ensuring of working condition of all technical details. The duration of inspection depends upon the presence or absence of milking pipeline, the length of main line in the milking pipeline, number of milking installation, milking tanks, milk dispensers and milk pumps. The main operations of daily inspection are checking of vacuum installations condition, ensuring of their ability to function in proper way and inspection of milking devices in order to detect damaged rubber details. The importance of technical inspection is caused by different factors. For example, vacuum gauge pressure during work of milking machines should be 47 ±1 kPa. For violation of vacuum mode, especially in case of its decrease, vacuum pump details are wearing out and milking devices subside from the udder and that lead to sucking of mechanical impurity. Mechanical pollution of milk affects on its quality. That it why, vacuum installation and vacuum line system should always remain in the best working condition. Planned replacement of rubber details has the same importance. It concerns milking rubber in the first place. It is widely known that new milking rubber has balanced elasticity that provides stimulating milk ejection massage of udder. In the process of aging, rubber is swelling and looses its elasticity. Even the slightest changes in form and lessening of rubber elasticity can greatly affect the health of cow. In the course of time slight cracks are appearing on the rubber. These cracks increase the possibility of sediments accumulation on the inside surface, creating ideal conditions for the breeding of harmful microorganisms. That is why replacement of milking rubber, hoses and other parts in time, gives possibility to keep the milking equipment in the best working condition, providing its reliability and efficiency. According to the technical documentation replacement of milking rubber must be carried out every six month. But, as practice shows, replacement of milking rubber four times a year is much more effective, and some details, by means of low quality of manufacture, can be out of action in 60-120 hours. Recently, enterprises which buy milk have raised their demand to the bacterial pollution of the product. Despite the large number of factors that affect the quality of milk, the main source of bacterial contamination is mechanical impurities that get into milk during milking, and also sanitary conditions of milking and dairy systems. That is why a need of thorough disassembling, mechanical cleaning and washing of milking pipeline appeared. These operations of periodical technical inspection must be carried out twice a year. But taking into account the results, it is more effective to execute such operation more frequently. Disassembling and washing of other parts of milking installations that has a close contact with milk (milking machines, milk tanks, milk pumps) one should execute every month, and disassembling and washing of milk dispenser parts – once per week. All these operation are aimed at increasing of milk quality and subsequently, at increase of income for selling. During execution of technical inspection: regulating of vacuum mode, checking the leakproof of milking pipeline and vacuum pipeline connection, vacuum gauge indicators, frequency of pulsations etc – the corresponding equipment is used. It should be noted that such responsible operations should be carried out by qualified specialists. That is why for effective use of milking installations at PJSC (Open Joint-Stock Company) “Bratslav” two teams of service and maintenance are working. These teams keep equipment in working condition and provide equipment with all the necessary details and parts during the whole period of usage for those enterprises, which have agreed by means of official documents to have our service. According to the survey, in order to get a high quality production, one needs to perform the technical inspection of milking installation qualitatively and in time.