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Stall equipment for tie housing system


It is a reliable and comfortable in exploitation equipment for tie system. The main advantage among the similar equipment is the ability to loose the row of cows with the help of one lever movement. The position of chains at this point stays the same without changes. The following type of equipment is efficient to use when cows are going to the walking yards after milking. Stands are connected to each other with the help of tube Dn-40, which is used as the water supply system.

Stall equipment can be of two types:

  1. CSE -25 (Cow Stall Equipment) (assembly option)
  2. CSE.W-25 (welded option)


Stall equipment consist of:


  1. framework
  2. untie mechanism
  3. tie chain
  4. automatic drinking bowl with water supply


Stall equipment provide:


  1. Retention of cows in the stalls according to the zootechnic norms;
  2. Individual tying and group untying of cows;
  3. Vacuum line attachment


Technical characteristics:



Position value 

1. Number of cows to be untied at the same time, items


2. A number of operating personnel, pers.

1 (milkmaid)

3. Weight (for 25 cattle units) kg, no more than


4. Service term, years, no less than


5. Number of drinking bowls