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Group drinking bowls


Drinking bowl for loose-stall housing system

We suggest you a drinking bowl in the form of a bath, which can be turned over for pouring the water off and cleaning. Connection to the water pipe is made through hose. Water comes through an effective float valve up to 40 l per hour. Bowl is made of qualitative stainless steel and provides simultaneous drinking of 2 or 3 cows. It is possible to design the equipment for a bigger number of cows on your request. It should be remembered that equipment on request is designed for connection to circulating hot water system.

Group drinking bowls

For calves – 0.65m.

For cows – 1.2m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m.

Type: with warming, without warming

Group drinking bowls with water warming WDB.T.00.000 and without water warming DB.T.00.000

Drinking bowls with water warming are made of alimentary stainless steel.

The length of drinking bowls – 1.25m, 1.5m, 2.0m.

For filling the drinking bowls valve mechanism is created with a huge carrying capacity up to 35l/hour.

Drinking bowls are double-thrown and that allow their quick, convenient and easy maintenance. Bowls are fastened to the concrete floor with anchor bolts.

In drinking bowls with water warming a system of water warming and circulation through the water pipes and drinking bowls КЕО-15/380В is used. This system provides a way to keep warm water in drinking bowls and prevents freezing of valve mechanism and water in the drinking bowl.

КЕО System has a “dry run” protection, air output valve from water supply system, short circuit protection, water temperature control, circulating pump. Water temperature is regulated by switches 6kW and 9kW.

Water supply system in stalls is made of PE-32х3 pipe, which is placed at a depth 600mm with lagging in trenches through the stall.