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Device for individual milking


This equipment is designed for mechanical milking of cows at private and farm households. The process of milking takes place in an aluminum  or stainless bucket with the help of two-stroked milking machine. Device is moveable and placed on a two-wheeled cart, frame is stamped and welded, and serves as a receiver. Milking mechanism, bucket, vacuum unit and also management and adjustment elements are placed on the equipment. Power for equipment comes from network with voltage of 220 V or from internal combustion engine.

Compact size and maneuverability of high quality provides driving through narrow farm passages.


Technical characteristics of device for individual milking


Recommended size of the herd


Number of cows, that are milked during 1 hour head/hour


Working vacuum gage pressure, kPa


Installed capacity, kW


Network voltage, W


Weight, kg