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Drinking bowl with cramp (Individual drinking bowl) PI-1


The bowl designed for individual watering of cows and heifers at tie-stall housing system or in stalls for calving. The bowl can be used in both in stalls and on walking yards or summer camps.

The bowl is made of cast iron with an ideal polymer covering. Design and the size of the bowl are comfortable for drinking. Tabular valve turns on the water with the help of a slight touch by nose and water comes to the bottom through nozzle of the valve without splashing. Connection with the water pipe is made with the help of flexible hose. The hose can be mount in the bottom or in the upper part of the bowl. It is possible to connect the rows of bowls into one circle and use the circulating hot water system for heating the water in winter.


Technical characteristics:

Parameter name


Position value


Stationary, individual

Number of cows for using one drinking bowl, head


Number of places for simultaneous drinking, item


Excess pressure at input to the drinking bowl, kPa

45-294 (0.5 - 3)

Maximal carrying capacity at working pressure, l/min


Capacity, l.


Weight, kg, no more than


Serviceable life, years, no less