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Cubicle equipment for free-stall housing system CCE


Single and double (“head to head”) cubicles are placed in stalls according to the technical scheme and width of the stall.

Single cubicle for cattle should have the size 2,2…2,3m from manure to the stand axis, double cubicle from 2,4…2,6m.

Stands and screens should be made of pipes GOST 3262-75 Dn-60, Dn-75 with thickness of wall 3,5…4mm with the following galvanizing.

Screens configuration can be of different types and length. For young animals (at cubicle system) screens can be made of pipe Dn-40.

Fastening elements should provide reliable fastening. Welding of the equipment construction is not allowed.

All equipment stands, when concreting, are connecting to the ground circuit (drown round bars А-ІІІ-12) with the following connection of earthing points of electrical equipment.

On stands in the place of contact with concrete, there is a protective plastic pipe 200mm in length with wall unit 5mm thick.

 Cubicle equipment for loose-stall housing system can be of 3 types:

  1. CCE.U.00.000 – wall unit thickness 60*3.5mm, screen thickness 60*3.5mm, pitch 1.2m.
  2. CCE.M.00.000 – wall thickness 75.5*4mm, screen thickness 60*3.5mm, pitch 1.2m
  3. CCE.N.00.000 - wall thickness 75.*3.5mm, screen thickness 60*3.5mm. It is possible to change the width of cattle unit.