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Milking installation for milking in stall of herringbone types (MEH - Milking Equipment of Herringbone type)


Milking parlour”Herringbone” is made on the basis of milking time economy concept, minimal stall area, ideal conditions for milkmaid and exceptionally careful process of cow milking. Module construction allows supplying milking installation at size range from 2x4 to 2x36. It is possible to design a one-row variant. Cows are placed at an angle of 30˚, which provides an ideal access to the udder and good inspection while maintenance.  Gates with a mechanical gear, which are managed from every working place with a press of a button, provide fast cow changing.

Robotization of milker working place provides the minimum amount of time and labour for servicing cows. When installing the milking device on the nipple it is supported in weightless condition that is why milker doesn’t need to put physical efforts. The process of milking each cow is regulated automatically and individually on the basis of feedback. Unique manipulator that has no analogue, ideally fasten the milking device on udder, excludes slipping down of milking glasses and provides full milking with average speed up to 6 l\min. Milking installation has several levels of automation, which is possible to grow in the exploit process.

Milking line consists of stainless polished pipe with the inner diameter 60 mm, with carrying speed 5 000 liters of milk per hour. Milk is collected in the milk tank which is made of heat-resistant glass (crystal) with the capacity of 50 liters; is has two milk pumps with carrying capacity 85 l/hour each. One pump works for milking, the other one works for washing or in case the first pump fails. Pumps work automatically only in case there is milk or detergent in the milk tank.

Vacuum line consists of plastic pipe, diameter of which is 75 mm, receiver and vacuum installation for each line. The vacuum size regulation is provided by changing the number of circumvolutions of electric engine. Electricity economy is 75%. The amount of working vacuum is 44kPa. For washing the amount of vacuum is increasing automatically to 52kPa, which raises washing efficiency.  In the vacuum line there is a special pipe for independent power supply of milking machine. It provides an ideal vacuum mode in the milking machine regardless the milk movement in the milk pipeline.

Milking machine with glasses is made of stainless steel and collector volume is 350 cc. Milking machine is installed on a unique multifunctional manipulator, which has no analogues.

Lever mechanism with pneumatic drive is made of stainless steel and has the following functions:

-          When putting milking machine on udder it automatically maintains it in weightless condition, letting the milker make no physical efforts of his own.

-          It automatically orients milking machine to the udder when nipples are placed unevenly; it changes the weight load on udder of the milking machine, preventing the milk glasses from crawling on nipples, which excludes the possibility of overlapping the teat canal and milking the cow partially.


Management systems watch the milking process of every cow individually and on the basis of feedback it manipulates working modes of milking machine. There are stimulation mode, fast milking mode and final milking mode.


Electric management box at every working place performs the following functions:

-          turning on the milking machine

-          milking process control

-          working modes management

-          manipulator management

-          signalize that the milking machine is put on the udder before milk allowance reflex


Washing mode is managed by wash automatic device, which has 6 phases:

-          pre-washing

-          rinsing after milking

-          circulating flushing

-          rinsing after circulating flushing

-          disinfection

-          rinsing after disinfection


The peculiar feature of this machine is that when identifying cows,recognition is combined with cow’s counters. It eliminates the mistakes in case of accidental ingress of cows without chip. Moreover, it helps to make the work of opening gates automatic. When leaving the milking machine, there are selective gates, which work by instruction from computer or milker.


This system includes the program, which provides management of all technical processes of the farm and control of every cow from the day of its birth.