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Milking installation for milking into milk pipeline


Milking installation for milking into milk pipeline (MIP) is made according to the approved specifications and has passed all state tests, what one can see from the relevant certificates.

According to technical documentation milking unit is fully equipped  and delivered to the farm disassembled, where comes the final stage of production - assembly.

The peculiarity of milk pipelines is the group milk account which enables to manage the farm correctly. At this time other companies don’t have such a function.  Among group milk accounting technology, also resolved the issue of control milk accounting for what developed and delivered milk accounting devices (MAD). Milk pipeline unique scheme enables to provide the shortest way from cow to milk cooler. The lack of elevators at the ends of facilities enables several parallel process operations even during milking.

Milking installation in herringbone parlours consist of the following parts:

Vacuum installation – the main task of which is to create a stable vacuum for the milking process and transportation of milk to milk receiver.

Vacuum unit consists of a vacuum pump, motor, vacuum container, vacuum control device and control board. Vacuum equipment is supplied by electric engines the power of each is 3.0 kW and vacuum pump with capacity of 60 m3 per hour. Vacuum pumps are designed according to modern technologies at high-precision equipment, they have a good service life, which is proved in practice. Vacuum installation equipped with vacuum control system that makes it possible to save up to 60% of electricity.

Practical experience shows that the correct operation enables the pumps to operate for 7 years with two-time milking until repairing

Milk receiver – the main task of this part is collection of milk from all the milkinglines and dividing it from vacuum.

Milk rolls back from the milk receiver with the help of HMУ- 6 pump and goes to the cooling tank through the fine filter. There is a safety valve on the milk receiver to prevent the coming of milk to the vacuum system.

Washing device which we offer in one of the best on the market for today and it has 2 functions. The first function is preparation of the milking pipeline before milking (system warming and rinsing) and washing the milking pipeline after milking. Suggested washing device ensures the purity of milk within 30-50 thousands  bacteria per 1 ml. The feature of this machine is washing efficiency and a fully automatic mode that does not require human intervention, i.e. the supply of water and detergent is made automatically in the right proportions.

Milk dispenser provides the milk accounting from the group of cows. It consists of the dispensers itself, that has ordinary construction or which are managed electronically, and also has the sensor with density measuring function. Density sensor eliminates the possibility to count servings of milk with low density.

Vacuum pipeline is made of galvanized or plastic pipe and is used for delivering the vacuum from vacuum installation to milking machine.

Milking pipeline is made of stainless pipe and is used for transporting the milk from milking machine to the milk receiver. Pipes are made of alimentary stainless steel with inside polished surface.

Dispenser fencing is designed to protect the dispensers during operation. (can be ruined by people, machines and cows).